Our Story

Sawyer Farms is an integrated agricultural production organization with storage and transportation facilities. John and Natasha Sawyer are the fourth generation of the Sawyer family to farm in Hill County, Texas.

Since our land is our home, we strive to act as good stewards. We use the newest practices and technology in production agriculture to find sustainable ways to grow your food. As farmers, we respect your need to know where your food comes from.

Sawyer Farms focuses on producing grains using sustainable practices which conserve the soil while improving its productivity. Fertility management, soil conservation projects, integrated pest management and reduced tillage and are all important components of our environmentally sustainable program.

Sustainability Practices

Fertility Management

  • Fertility needs are determined based on soil testing
  • Nutrients are added based on crop planted, soil type and test results
  • Only the needed amount of each nutrient is applied
  • In-season tissue tests determine nutrients needed while crops are growing

Soil and Water Management

  • Reduced tillage practices are used on all farms
  • Crop residue protects the soil from rain and wind erosion
  • Retained organic matter promotes soil and microbial health
  • Conservation structures, including terraces and waterways, are built where needed
  • Existing conservation structures are maintained
  • Crop rotation reduces soil erosion and prevents plant diseases and pests

Weed and Pest Management

  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices keep pest populations under control while minimizing use of chemicals
  • Physical scouting of each crop by trained crop scouts identify pests and weeds to be addressed
  • Utilize a specific approach rather than a blanket approach to IPM
  • Maximize productivity while preserving a fertile soil environment

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